Express Steel HD 6600lb Pallet Forks


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6,600 lb. lift capacity – available with 42″, 48″, or 60″ class 2 fork blades

We also offer these masts with 72″ class 3 forks that bumps up the weight rating to 8000lbs

Standard universal quick attach

Fully welded mast frame, adjustable forks, and powder coated black.

1 year manufacturers warranty!


Dealers note – These forks feature solid, forged and milled beam style fork hangers on the top and bottom of the mast. This is perhaps the most important design element of how skid steer pallet fork masts are made. Fork masts that do not have forged fork hanger rails are simply not as strong or durable. Especially when lifting heavier weights or under side load. This feature is what makes the mast considered HD and rated for 6600lbs. Most other standard fork mast which are rated around 4000lbs have fork hangers that are made out of 3/8″ or sometimes 1/2″ steel sheet that has been pressed to shape. This solid milled beam design is much stronger and less likely to ever bend.


Dealers note – Not all pallet forks are rated in the exact same manner in the skid steer attachment industry. These are rated at 6600lb lift capacity at the fork mast. Other manufacturers may rate thier forks at a higher or lower lift capacity because they rate the lift capacity at a different point on the forks.