Express Steel Hydraulic 3/4 Yard Concrete Placement Bucket


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This bucket is designed to help carry and place concrete using your skid steer and is useful for pouring concrete in smaller areas. It also eliminates the need for use of a wheelbarrow, which reduces your overall manual labor.


  •     3/4 cubic yd handling capacity
  •     59″ x 45″ x 26″
  •     Features a treaded step & sliding door
  •     Has a removable chute for easy cleaning
  •     Ready to run – equipped with hoses, fittings & couplers
  •     3/16″ thick steel

Has standard quick attach system and powder coated black.

100% made in the USA!

Weight 470 lbs.
Dimensions 59 × 45 × 26 in
Bucket Specs 3/16″ steel