Roadrunner CH Grader



The Roadrunner’s dual blade configuration, side pans, and working weight provide maximum advantages for gravel road maintenance. The grader fills potholes that stay filled longer, eliminates washboarding, does not leave windows but leaves the material directly behind the grader. The Roadrunner blade can maneuver in and out of tight corners and pivot within a narrow space that would be impossible for large motor graders.

All four grader blade models feature dual blade configuration with dual 5/8″ bolt-on standard motor grader edges, side panels with replaceable skid bars fabricated from hardened AR plate.

Independent grading height adjustment on each side allows you to easily create or maintain a crown.

On our graders, the grading height is fully adjustable. Our cutting edges are top-punched so that the top of the blade (not the center) attaches to the mold board. Thus as the blade wears, the operator can simply adjust the depth of cut to maintain the grading height and can get the full wear out of the blade without having to reverse it.

Roadrunner CH models have hydraulic depth adjustment, which controls the lead cutting edge and manual screw jacks that control the trailing edge.

When choosing your grader width, we recommend the overall width of the grader to exceed the tractor/skid steer width by at least 12 inches if possible. Our serrated edges enhance the ability to breakup hard packed materials.

All replacement parts are in stock and can ship within 2 business days.

All Roadrunner skid steer graders are made so that the optional wheel bolster kit and the optional 3 point hitch kit can be quickly added to the attachment with just a few large nuts and bolts. Please note that while the grader may be pictured with the wheel bolster kit or 3 point hitch installed, those are add on options, so if you would like to add those onto your order you will have to select those options.



(Hydraulic depth adjustment)
Blade Width – Weight – Width – Length – Height
6′ – 1,150 lbs – 6′ 4″ – 5′ 6″ – 17″
7′ – 1,250 lbs – 7′ 4″ – 5′ 6″ – 17″
8′ – 1,350 lbs – 8′ 4″ – 5′ 6″ – 17″