ES 60″ Standard Brush Cutter (up to 60HP)


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15-25gpm, gearbox drive, cuts 4″ trees


2 Blade, Gear Box Brush Cutter for 3 – 4″ trees

The ES 60″ Brush Cutter has universal skid steer quick attach and is a gear box cutter with 2-hardened steel high-lift blades. Designed for use on smaller skid steers who need to complete the toughest jobs.

These are manufactured in the USA exclusively for ES Attachments. Comparable/if not BETTER than MTL, Blue Diamond, and Rut brush cutters- without the wait time, and with AMAZING customer service!

The ES 60″ Brush Cutter is perfect for clearing land, debris, brush, fence rows, and small to medium sized trees up to 4 inches. These work only on standard flow – DO NOT USE ON HIGH FLOW!


3/16” steel deck plate with extra heavy duty push bar
open front face design
gear box drive
stump jumper
hardened steel high-lift blades
100 cc motor
steel runners on each side for ease of use over multiple terrains
comes with ¾” hydraulic hoses and heavy duty ½” ISO flat faced couplers
weighs 770 lbs.

These work only on standard flow – DO NOT USE ON HIGH FLOW! If your machine has both options you must run in standard flow. Make sure not to exceed 22gpm flow rate or it can overheat and cause damage. If your machine is HIGH FLOW ONLY you will need the High Flow Upgrade kit.

Designed for machines with 15 – 22 GPM flow rate.

100% made in the USA!

Weight 770 lbs. Dimensions 77 × 64.5 × 21.5 in GPM flow rate 15 – 22 Cut capacity up to 4″