Prime Brush Mower


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15-25gpm, gearbox drive, cuts 4″ trees


The Prime Rigid Deck Brush Mower makes mowing and cutting down trees a breeze and even enjoyable. This mower annihilates saplings and trees up to 4” in diameter.

All of our Brush Mowers come as standard flow (15 – 25 gallons per minute) and are fitted with professionally spun stump jumpers and hardened blades. All of our Brush Mower decks are made to be commercial-grade and without a doubt, outperform the competition due to the placement of our motor; the motor is mounted directly to the industry-leading Omni Gearbox.

Simply put, you just can’t beat it for the price!

100% American Made!

2 year manufacturers warranty!


This skid steer attachment is also know as: Brush Hog, Bush Hog, or Brush Cutter